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Welcome to Week 6 of Project Based Learning.

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Welcome to Week 6 of Project Based Learning.
by George Waithaka - Monday, 2 July 2018, 12:04 PM

A lot of exciting things happening as projects near completion with students presenting their work.

This week we have Unit 2 Discussion Forum  opened and all teachers should reply to the questions by their online tutor.

For Chats this week here are the schools but remember you are welcome every Monday and Friday for catchup between 1-2pm in All Participants chat room.


Chat room 1

Chat room 2

Tue 3/7/18

Muthiga Girls / Nyameru Mixed

Online Tutor - Charles

Timbila Boys / Kisiriri

Online Tutor - George

Wed 4/7/18

St. Augustine Nyanduma/ Kebirichi Mixed

Online Tutor – John

Dr. Aggrey High/Maasai Girls

Online Tutor-Christine

Thur 5/7/18

Precious Girls Kagwe/Nyakongo Boys

Online Tutor - Charles

Murray Girls/Narok High

Online Tutor - George