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Welcome to Week 3 of Module 1 Cycle 2

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Welcome to Week 3 of Module 1 Cycle 2
by Esther Wachira - Tuesday, 13 February 2018, 9:07 AM

Dear ADSI Teachers,

Welcome to Week 3 of Module 1 Cycle 2. We have seen very good progress in the chats and access to online resources in the last 2 weeks. However, this has been mainly from the schools that have already been visited in the last two weeks. The posts to the discussion forum are still few from the schools not yet visited.

This week will mark the end of Unit 1 Module 1. Please make sure you have posted your contributions to Unit 1 module 1 before it closes out this Friday (16th).

Please note that you should go online even when your school is not being visited to:

1) Contribute to the discussion forum

2) Access online resources for deeper learning.

Please ensure you have also been observed by a peer or the SBC and that your lesson plan, presentation and student worksheet have been submitted to your PC.

Wishing you a great week.

Your Online Tutor Team (Esther, Christine, George, Jon & Charles)