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Welcome to Week 2 Knowledge Deepening in Cycle 2

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Welcome to Week 2 Knowledge Deepening in Cycle 2
by Esther Wachira - Monday, 5 February 2018, 3:23 PM
Dear ADSI Teachers,

Welcome to this 2nd week as we continue with our School Visits, Chats and Discussion Forums which commenced last week. 

Colleagues, in our Chats and Discussion Forums, we are looking for the quality in your contributions. We are looking for contributions based on a wide reading from the resources on the platform and beyond. 

Let us also engage learners while using concept mapping in the classroom. Try and bring in concept mapping early in your lesson and develop it using brainstorming technique.

The Discussion Forum for Unit 1 is open between 29th Jan and 16th Feb. Post your contributions and read what others have posted. Share your experiences too.

We look forward to a great Week 2 in Cycle 2 (KD) Module 1.

Your Online Tutor Team (Esther, Christine, George, John, Charles)