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Modules 1&2 Catch-Up & Certification

Modules 1&2 Catch-Up & Certification
by Charles Kapkiai - Friday, 7 July 2017, 1:21 PM

Dear ADSI Teachers,


Well done everyone - we have come to the end of the core modules for technology literacy!


Next is ‘catch-up’ - remember to get a certificate for modules 1&2 you need to complete in each module:

·         1 chat,

·         1 discussion forum

·         1 lesson plan set (lesson plan, presentation/simulation and worksheet).


See module 2 at:


We request you to provide us with feedback on your module 2 experience at:


All the best on completing modules 1&2 activities.


 Charles, your ADSI Lead Tutor


In attach find templates to assist you with portfolio tasks – 1) lesson plan guide, 2) lesson plan template, 3) presentation/simulation template and 4) worksheet tips!