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Welcome to the third and last week of unit 1

Avatar George Waithaka
Welcome to the third and last week of unit 1
par George Waithaka, vendredi 9 juin 2017, 16:08

Dear ADSI Teachers,


Well done everyone – on your participation in chats and discussion forums this week.


Next week we continue with unit 1 for the last week – we look at simulation, collaboration, the classroom and the computer lab. You can do a ‘poll’ and a ‘quiz’.


Do note the chat times are changing. Most of you prefer chats at 1pm, 4pm and 5pm. See in attach the chat and discussion forum new times and links – and some photos of exploring simulation and collaboration in classrooms and in professional meetings.

 Computer room organization and students group activities at Nyakongo Boys

You can access unit 1 topics 1&2 at:


You will get a welcome letter from your tutor shortly. Enjoy the last week of unit 1 everyone.


 George, your ADSI Lead Tutor