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Welcome Letter Module 2

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Welcome Letter Module 2
by John Napua - Friday, 26 May 2017, 4:22 PM

Dear ADSI Teachers,

Welcome to the start of module 2 in the ADSI course called: ICT & Classroom Organization – ICT in the Classroom & the Computer Lab

In Module 2 you will be introduced to the theme of how to use ICT in your classroom and in the computer lab – how to organize your learners in groups.

The Module is structured into two units and four topics

  • The module unit 1 topics 1 & 2 looks at integrating ‘simulation’ in Science, Mathematics and English and pedagogical strategies for ‘collaboration’
  • The module unit 2 topics 1 and 2 look at computer practical for experiencing, using and developing ‘simulations’ and ‘student worksheets’ skills and at planning activities for integrating these tools in your classroom practice. 


You can access the first unit and topic of the module at:



  • The module will have one chat and one forum discussion
  • The module has computer practical activities and classroom planning activities that you submit to your portfolio.


Remember that in order to get certification you have to participate in one chat and one forum discussion, as well as submit the portfolio lesson design tasks in each module.


I am John Napua and I am your lead tutor this week.

Your tutor will be sending you by email a welcome letter with details of your groups and the module. You should also contact your SBC on your group allocation. 

Wishing you an enjoyable learning experience in the module 2.


 John, your ADSI Lead Tutor