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Last Week of Module 1

Mary Hooker
Last Week of Module 1
by Mary Hooker - Saturday, 20 May 2017, 8:32 AM

Dear ADSI Teachers,

Well done everyone – you are getting there.

Next week is the last week (May 21-25) to finish Module 1 tasks:

  • 1 chat
  • 1 discussion forum posting
  • 1 portfolio – with lesson plan, presentation and worksheet

You can check your progress bar – make sure it is turning green.

In attach find rubrics we will use for review and feedback on your portfolio tasks.


Please take 5 mins to evaluate Module 1 – so we can improve – use this link at:

All the best everyone for the last week of Module 1!


Esther, Mary, John, George, Christine and Charles, your ADSI Online tutor team


Note: We – your tutor team, your PCs and your SBCs will keep assisting you to make it to the finish line even after we complete the module 1 next week.