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Welcome back to the end of Module 1

Mary Hooker
Welcome back to the end of Module 1
by Mary Hooker - Friday, 5 May 2017, 4:54 PM

Dear ADSI Teachers,

Welcome back everyone – and we hope you had a great Easter break and celebration.

Over the next two weeks until Monday 21st May we will be assisting you to finish Module 1 tasks – by completing:

·       1 chat

·       1 discussion forum posting

·       1 portfolio – with lesson plan, presentation and worksheet


We will be working with your School Based Coordinator to make sure that everyone gets their lesson observed. Your tutor will be assisting with catch-up chats and discussion forums for anyone who didn’t manage to get in. See details of chat and discussion forum times and links in attach.

Can we ask you to please give 5 mins to evaluate Module 1 – so we can improve – use this link at:

All the best everyone for completing your module 1 tasks!


Esther, Mary, John, George, Christine and Charles, your ADSI Online tutor team