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Welcome to Unit 4 – Module 1

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Welcome to Unit 4 – Module 1
by Esther Wachira - Sunday, 2 April 2017, 6:12 PM

Dear ADSI Teachers,

Welcome to the start of unit 4 – Module 1.

Unit 4 is about: Lesson Design

        Design,  a lesson plan activity to try out ‘presentation’, ‘interactive teaching’ and  ‘questioning’ techniques appropriate for the different learning styles of your students (TPACK)

        Teach, reflect, observe and re-design lessons using presentation


You can access the fourth unit of the module on the Moodle Platform at:

Activities in the module include:

·         Design lesson plans with ICT based on topics you are teaching (April 3-14)

·         Teach your lesson and ask a colleague to observe it (May 1 – 19)

  • Participation in a chat and a discussion forum
  • Submission of lesson planning and observations to your portfolio


Remember that in order to get certification you have to:

·         participate in and contribute to one chat and one forum discussion in each module

·         submit the portfolio tasks in each module.


Your tutor will be sending you by WhatsApp and email a welcome letter with details of unit 4.

All the best for unit 3.


Esther, Mary, John, George, Christine and Charles, your ADSI Online tutor team