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Welcome Letter Unit 1, Module 1

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Welcome Letter Unit 1, Module 1
by Esther Wachira - Monday, 27 February 2017, 6:03 PM

Dear ADSI Teachers,

Welcome to the start of module 1 in the ADSI course called: ICT in the STEM curriculum

The Module has four units and runs from Monday 20th February till Friday 24th March 2017.

  • The module units 1 and 2 look at ICT enhanced lessons and instructional strategies
  • The module units 3 and 4 look at computer practical for improving presentation skills and OERs.  
  • The last week will give you a chance to try out, observe and reflect on your ICT enhanced lessons


You can access the first unit of the module on the Moodle Platform at:

Activities in the module include:

  • Participation in a chat and a discussion forum in every unit
  • ICT presentation  and lesson planning activities that you submit to your portfolio

·         Remember that in order to get certification you have to:

o   participate in and contribute to one chat and one forum discussion in each module

o   submit the portfolio tasks in each module.


I am Esther Mwiyeria and I am your lead tutor. The rest of the tutor team many of you have met. They are Mary Hooker, George Waithaka, John Napua, Charles Kapkiai and Christine Akello. You are organized in groups for chat and discuss forums that your tutor will facilitate.

Your tutor will be sending you by email a welcome letter with details of your groups and the module. You should also contact your SBC on your group allocation.

All the best in your experience of online learning with ADSI – enjoy!


Esther, your lead tutor