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Welcome to ADSI Course Cycle 3 Knowledge Creation (KC) Module 1 ADSI Teachers Tanzania (After Opening Schools)

Joyce Msolla
Welcome to ADSI Course Cycle 3 Knowledge Creation (KC) Module 1 ADSI Teachers Tanzania (After Opening Schools)
by Joyce Msolla - Sunday, 19 July 2020, 11:14 PM

Dear ADSI Teachers - Tanzania,


We Thank God and hope we are safe and back in schools after opening. Let us continue taking precaution and follow and adhere to the Health guidelines to deal with COVID 19 pandemic.

Welcome back to ADSI course Cycle 3 Knowledge Creation (KC) module 1 titled - Inquiry-Based Learning & Use of Infographics in STEM and other subjects teaching.  We call upon every teacher to realize that we have very limited time to cover pending ADSI activities due to the unprecedented closure of schools so that timely response and completion of tasks is necessary.

We appreciate the way you have continued to participate carrying out online and face to face ADSI programme activities whenever it was possible.  Most of you have done course assignments including Chats and Discussion Forums to ensure successful course completion


Refer to previous welcome note highlighting KC Module 1 features


Pending School visits will take place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, starti ng from20th July 2020 up to 13th August 2020.  Your tutor will continue providing detailed guidelines and feedback to enhance smooth progress.

Ensure that you read the resources and references on the platform to be able to follow the course and be able to give quality contributions in the Chats, Discussion Forums and in classroom teaching and learning.


Remember that in order to get certification you have to participate in one chat and one forum discussion, as well as submit the portfolio lesson design tasks in each module.

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You can access the first unit and topic of the module at:


Best wishes

Tutor team Joyce Msolla Bahati Juma  and Ramadhan Matimbwa