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ADSI Course Cycle 3 Knowledge Creation (KC) Module 1

Joyce Msolla
ADSI Course Cycle 3 Knowledge Creation (KC) Module 1
par Joyce Msolla, lundi 2 mars 2020, 13:42

Dear ADSI Teachers - Tanzania,



Welcome back to ADSI course Cycle 3 Knowledge Creation (KC) module 1 titled - Inquiry-Based Learning & Use of Infographics in STEM and other subjects teaching

The Knowledge Creation Cycle modules provide opportunities for you to enhance your students’ collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving skills by searching for web resources, constructing and sharing knowledge, reflecting and practicing to use virtual environments for knowledge creation.

Your study of module 1 equips you with knowledge and skills for information literacy[i] and internet search skills for digital content. You will also create and use infographics to present your learning concepts. Throughout the module, you will use inquiry based learning pedagogy.

The Module is structured into units 1 & 2 and Unit 1 with two topics 1 & 2 

Unit 1 coverage focus on the information literacy and search techniques.

In Unit 2 you will focus on creating and use of infographic to teach


School visits will take place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.  Unit 1 starts on 2nd March to 19th March 2020.  Unit 2 will be covered from 27th April to 15th May2020


Discussion Forum topic 1 for Unit 1 is open from 2nd March to 19th March 2020 and for topic 2 for Unit 2 is open from27th April to 15th May2020  .

Chats will take place during the school visit days from 2.00pm to 3.00pm.  For those who miss chats provision for catch-up chat is on Friday at 10.00am to 11.00am, 2:30pm to 03.30 pm and any other time agreed upon with the tutor


Ensure that you read the resources and references on the platform to be able to follow the course and be able to give quality contributions in the Chats, Discussion Forums and in classroom teaching and learning.



Remember that in order to get certification you have to participate in one chat and one forum discussion, as well as submit the portfolio lesson design tasks in each module.

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Categories of Grading

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21st C skills


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You can access the first unit and topic of the module at:


Best wishes

Tutor team Joyce Msolla, Bahati Juma  and Ramadhan Matimbwa


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