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Welcome to Week 3 of Chats/Discussion Forum and School Visits

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Welcome to Week 3 of Chats/Discussion Forum and School Visits
by Esther Wachira - Monday, 11 February 2019, 11:30 AM

The focus of the knowledge creation cycle is on how we can create content for the concepts that are difficult to teach and learn through the use of infograhics and accurate search of online content through various searching techniques.

In week 3, the following schools will be involved in Chats, DF and Schools Visits as per the indicated dates:

Date Group School Twinning for Chats and School visits Online Tutor
12th Feb Group 7 St. Peters Ndumberi Matongo John
13th Feb Group 8 Moi Naikarra secondary OLOPS Christine
14th Feb Group 9 Karuri Boys Tombe John
12th Feb Group 27 Enkare Nairouwa Mata George
13th Feb Group 28 Loreto Kiambu Kebabe  Charles
14th Feb Group 29 Nkaroni secondary PJ Mwangola George

Please note that grading of KC - Cycle 3 outputs will be as per the schedule below:

PowerPoint Presentation Infographic Story Board Chat DF Quiz Student Infographic Product (Difficult To Learn Concept) Total
(Difficult to Teach Concept)
10 20 20 10 10 10 20 100

We wish you a great time as we focus on content creation for  Difficult to Teach Concepts (DTTC) and Difficult to Learn Concepts (DTLC)

Your Online Tutor Team (Esther, Charles, John, Christine & George)